Legend RWs

Legend Rw Series are for your long journeys without neglecting your needs.

Designed with the new generation Hydro Delta type hull, as the comfort is priority for all RW models.

Each Legend RW Model is manufactured by RTM technology which is used for maximum durability and light weight.

- GRP Hull, GRP Non-Skid Deck with Seat Unit
- Hypalon - CSM Tubes
- GRP Bow Platform
- Stainless Steel Bow Roller & Folding Cleat
- Bow Locker
- Anchor Locker
- GRP Centre Console
- Foldable Pilot Seat
- Cushion Set
- Stainless Steel U-Bolt on Bow
- U-Bolt Transom
- Stainless Steel Folding Cleat
- Stainless Steel Telescopic Ladder
- Transom Plate
- Deck Draining Valve
- Electrical Bilge Pump
- Stainless Steel Fuel Tank
- Deck Filler-Fuel
- Fuel Vent
- Fuel Gauge
- Fuel/Water Separator
- Main Battery Switch
- Switch Panel 4
- Navigation Lights
- Courtesy Light
- Electrical Horn
- Lighter Socket
- Battery Box
- Boat Repair Kit
- Manuel Inflation Pump
- Air Pressure Gauge
- Navigation Lights with LED
- Northstar 2 Years GRP Warranty
- Northstar 2 Years Hypalon Tube Warranty
Technical SpecificationsRW 5.75RW 6.4RW 6.8
Overall Lenght:5.75 m6.4 m6.90 m
Overall Beam:2.46 m2.72 m2.81 m
Inner Lenght:4.88 m5.35 m5.80 m
Inner Beam:1.39 m1.56 m1.74 m
Tube Fabric:HypalonHypalonHypalon
Tube Diameter:0.53 m0.56 m0.58 m
Number of Air Chambers:555
Recommended Tube Pressure:0.18 Bar/ 2.65 Psi0.18 Bar/ 2.65 Psi0.18 Bar/ 2.65 Psi
Dry Weight:700 kg850 kg1120 kg
Max. Loaded Capacity:12 kişi/ 1020 kg14 kişi/ 1190 kg16 pers / 1630 kg
Max. Engine Power:140 hp200 hp230 hp
Engine Shaft Lenght:LXLXL / 2L
Fuel Tank Capacity:90 lt160 lt300 lt
Water Tank Capacity:45 lt60 lt80 lt
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Hydro Delta Hull & Neoprene-Hypalon Tube


Thanks to its ergonomic shape you can use a Legend easily, comfortably and safely.

Legend RW Series

RW 5.75

RW 6.4 ​

RW 6.8